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November 2015

Decorative style YH 3W LED bollard light

By November 17, 2015 226 Views No comments

Bollard lights provide an element of safety for larger outdoor spaces and commercial areas. They're often (though not always) understated landscape lights that offer more illumination than smaller accent or path lights. Increasing the safety of your pathways, stairs, entranceways, can easily be achieved using LED bollard lights.

Houston TX , solar-powered LED lights installed on a parking lot

By November 9, 2015 277 Views No comments

For local contractors and small businesses, installing new parking lot lighting on existing and already paved parking lot can be very costly and become a hassle if no grid-power is available in the vicinity of the parking lot. In addition to the limited availability of electricity, local code and regulation can reveal to be a hassle to comply with, and other solution must be explored.

Transforming with Dynamic LED Well Lighting

By November 3, 2015 725 Views No comments

With LED well lighting you have one of the most transformative ways of efficiently and easily lighting tall grass, large shrubs, trees, sidewalks and pathway markings, among other architectural and landscaping applications. No matter what you want there are high quality top range LED fixtures to choose from with round, square and linear shape designs capable of placing over decks, pathways and sidewalks without trying too hard.