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CAL State Los Angeles goes solar for their parking lot !

By September 15, 2015 269 Views No comments

CAL State LA installed 4 units of solar-powered parking lot lights on one of the main parking lot on the university campus as a trial for further replacing all the parking lot lights with a solar-powered solution.

The current parking lot is equipped with Grid-tied lights, but the aging of the electrical wiring that is over 30’ years old has led to many failures of some of the lights. As a potential solution for replacing the existing lights with new LED lights, a solar-powered solution was approached to fix all the issues with the current parking lot.

Installing the 4 units of solar lights on the parking lot only required replacing the existing poles, with matching bolt circle solar poles, and installing the solar powered system and lighting on each of the poles. The existing concrete foundation with embedded J-bolts were re-used for the solar lights, limiting the retrofitting from HPS to Solar to the only replacement of the pole and lighting accessories, maximizing the costs saving.

Solar parking lot lights in CA

Solar lighting option is often overlooked compared to regular grid-tied lights; especially in parking lot lighting, but in some cases the solar-powered solution will provide a much more cost-efficient solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with a map or drawing of your parking lot, we will provide you with our recommended solar lighting solution.