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Car dealership installs solar lights in Grand Junction, CO

Car dealership installs solar lights in Grand Junction, CO
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Car dealerships require very bright lighting at night to display cars in the most attractive way, for potential customers driving by. Usually about 2fc is asked for lighting parking lots at night to achieve a good visual rendering. Most of car dealerships are spending a lot of money on lighting cars at night, mostly using traditional HPS or Metal-halide lamps which consume a lot of energy. The LED lighting solution is an excellent alternative to traditional lighting and brings significant savings on electric bills, roughly a third of what you pay with Traditional lights.

The Subaru Car dealership in Grand Junction, CO installed solar-powered LED lights in order to save money on electric bills. The main requirement for this project was to get the maximum lighting possible, and saving as much as possible for the lighting of the parking lot where cars where displayed.

After simulated and rendering potential solution, the final choice was made on the installation of 9 units of solar-powered LED lights equipped with 80W LED lamps (equivalent to 250W HPS lights) mounted on 26-foot high poles.

Solar lights in CO - Parking lot lighting

Solar lighting option is often overlooked compared to regular grid-tied lights; especially in parking lot lighting, but in some cases the solar-powered solution will provide a much more cost-efficient solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with a map or drawing of your parking lot, we will provide you with our recommended solar lighting solution.