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City of Somerton goes Solar with solar street lights!

By September 17, 2015 190 Views No comments

The city of Somerton in AZ recently installed 10 units of solar-powered LED street lights on a main street of the city. The street lights system provides efficient lighting at night for the security of the streets.

The solar lights installed are equipped with a decorative LED fixture to blend nicely in the streets. 30W LED lamp fixtures mounted on a 20’ pole (Equivalent to a regular 150W HPS light) provide efficient lighting for a 2 lanes-road (~20’ wide street). The ideal spacing for these lights to achieved adequate lighting according to the recommendation from the IESNA is about 70-80’ apart along the street.

Solar street lights in Somerton, AZ

The decorative lighting system is dark-sky compliant avoiding any lighting pollution that is a growing concern for designers and architects planning new constructions all over the US.

Solar-powered lighting is an alternative solution to Grid-tie lights, and can provide significant saving to your city or community over time. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about pricing and best solution for your project.