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Color temperature option for LED bollard lights

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The LED technology is mainly used for lighting purposes, and 2 main color temperatures are commonly used. These color temperature are mainly used to produce a scale that is easier to be read as is the one below here:

2 main color temperature ranges are used and encountered when we are talking about LEDs:

- Cold white also known as cool white. This color temperature is usually described as being between 5,000K – 6,000K with a pure white color rendering, and sometimes associated with Bright LED, or fluorescent lighting types.

LED bollard color temperature

3000K on the left, 6000K int eh center and Amber color LED on the right

- Warm white, described color temperature in the range of 3,000K – 4,000K, and compares to the previous type of white, with a more “yellow” color. These types of warm white are usually associated with the lighting you usually see at night in the streets, and thus associated with HPS lighting type.

Our LED bollard lights are mainly manufactured using a cold white color temperature to maximize the watt-to-lumen conversion, basically to obtain as much light as possible. We can customize the color temperature for the LED bollards to have warmer white colors, which is sometimes preferred in some residential or commercial areas. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about our minimum order quantity for these customized color temperature.