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Different uses of LED Well Lights

Different uses of LED Well Lights
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Landscape and architectural lighting is mostly using 12V DC LED lights, and Well lights are one of the numerous item architects have at their disposal to design parks, buildings, pathways, and landscape settings. Well Lights are mainly used as an accent lighting to define or mark landscape settings at night.

With the new technology of LED, Well lights are being more and more used for defining landscape settings, as their flexibility in color (green, red, blue, or plain white), but also because of their small size, make them an easily integrated LED product in all sorts of landscapes.

Round shape LED Well Lights can easily be used to define a path in a park, using low-wattage LED being the key in order to avoid glare for the pedestrians using the pathways. Some new products available on the market propose well lights with an already define inclination of the LED, so the light will be focused in one direction avoiding the glare problem. These types of LED well lights can also be used for wall washing in some cases.

Wall washing with LED well lights
LED well lights for Wall washing

Linear LED well lights are also available to architects to define or mark more clearly the architecture of the landscape, and are often used in linear-designed landscape such as bridges, buildings, pathways, to correlate with the linear design of items such as balustrades, ramps…

Wall washing with Linear Well lights
Linear LED well light

LED well lights are an extraordinary tool for architects and designers to create harmonious and well-lit landscapes. With their flexibility and very discrete design, LED well nights will provide an excellent rendering at night for any well-designed area.