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Houston TX , solar-powered LED lights installed on a parking lot

By November 9, 2015 277 Views No comments

For local contractors and small businesses, installing new parking lot lighting on existing and already paved parking lot can be very costly and become a hassle if no grid-power is available in the vicinity of the parking lot. In addition to the limited availability of electricity, local code and regulation can reveal to be a hassle to comply with, and other solution must be explored.

Using a solar-powered LED lights for lighting parking lots can reveal to be extremely cost-efficient in some situation. The solar lighting option has to be considered in the event that the existing wiring on the parking lot is not up-to-date, the re-wiring would be prohibitive, or if no wiring exists (trenching and wiring and repaving the parking lot will be extremely expensive. The solar solution is also much more attractive when small parking lot are considered, for 2-5 lights , always consider the solar lighting possibility, and ask for a quote form a supplier, and a local contractor you could be surprised.

In this case a small business was in an urgent need of lighting for their own parking lot. Covering approximately 40 parking lot stalls, 2 units of solar-powered led lights were installed, each equipped with a 30W Led lamp mounted on a 20’ pole. The resulting lighting is compliant with the recommendation form the IESNA, and provides enough lights for late-night customers.