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How to efficiently light-up bus stops - Solar-powered solutions

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Bus-stop lighting


Integra-5 for lighting bus stops
Integra-5 Bus stop sign lighting

Fully integrated system, including a 10' decorative pole, with a decorative and very modern design that will blend very nicely in any residential neighborhood. The battery, solar panels, and LED lamp are all integrated in one unit that is easily mounted and connected using easy plug-in connection.

This solar light features a 4W LED lamp, with a motion activated full-brightness (50% on normal use) that will provide enough lights for small areas lighting application such as a mailbox, a bus stop sign, or any other small (<10' in diameter) area that requires lighting at night.

Lita A20 solution

Lita-A20 for lighting a bus stop sign
Lita-A20 bus stop sign lighting solution

A Decorative solar lighting solution with a bell-shaped LED lamp mounted on a 14' decorative pole for an easy installation and aesthetically pleasing design. With a fully integrated battery box at the base of the pole for an easy maintenance, but securely stored in a lockable enclosure.

Featuring an output power of up to 20W, this solar-powered LED lamp is the ideal solution for lighting bus stops signs, pay-kiosks areas, meeting points, or even pathways in residential and commercial areas.

SPLBL solution

SPLBL light for sheltered bus stop lighting
SPLBL sheltered bus stop lighting

A more customized solution for your bus stops or any shelter-kind of structure that would require an LED light to be mounted on the ceiling of a outdoor shelter structure.

Featuring a 20W low-bay LED light, and a solar-powered generator that can easily be installed up to 30' from the bus stop, this solution provide an excellent and homogeneous light output for any type of outdoor structures.