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How to Install Outdoor Solar Lights ?

By October 13, 2015 791 Views No comments

Installing solar lights sounds like a huge task that will require you to either call an electrician or have been born with engineering skills. This is because many people know very little about these lights and what seems foreign may easily assumed to be difficult.

Installing outdoor solar lights is actually doable with a little energy and finding your way around the pieces. Here are a few pointers to guide you in that regard.

Choose your focus

Installing solar lights outside is not just about illumination but about adding beauty to the outdoors. It is therefore advisable to choose a focal point that you would like to illuminate on your lawn. It can be a path, a tree, a water fountain or even a monument. The choice is yours.

Deciding on a focal point will determine the type of lights you use and how close to each other they will be. Highlighting an item would require that the lights be spaced from each other so as to let the feature be seen properly.

A pathway, on the other hand, requires lights to be placed a little closer to each other so that they illuminate the way properly. Solar lights can easily be pulled out to change position if you would like so don’t worry about making a mistake in your initial choice or if you ever want to change their position.

Choose a safe location

It may look beautiful at night but during the day they could become obstructions. They can get in the way of lawnmowers or get run over by you as you drive out. Place them in such a way that they can be seen during the day so that they do not get easily harmed by daily activities and still give heavenly illumination at night.

Use the sunlight

Solar lighting is all about using the sun’s rays so you have to find a spot that receives a good amount of sunlight so as to charge your light outdoor solar lights every day. If the only place with proper sunlight is higher ground you can install a solar panel on your roof and then connect it to your lights with some wiring. This may be a bit tedious but it will work well for your lights.

Ready the soil

Solar lights go into the ground and the soil will have to be a little loose to make this easier. If it is hard you can water it and let it absorb all the water before you push in any of the lights. Forcing the lights onto hard ground may lead to breakage.

Charge lights

Before you do the final installations of your lights remember to charge them in the sun for between 12 and 14 hours. This can be spread over two days since getting that much sunlight in a day is difficult and there is no discharging that will have occurred. You should also clean the panel to ensure that it charges better with no interference from dirt or dust.

Once you install your outdoor solar lights you can begin enjoying the light and beauty at night.