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How to light-up your mailboxes ?

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Several products are available on the market to light-up your mailbox, whether it is for a mailbox bank in a community or for a single mailbox for your own home or residence. Most of the products for lighting individual mailbox in front of your yard for are often sold as a fully integrated solution, and many of these solutions are solar-powered.

In the case of lighting a group of mailboxes, for example in residential and community areas, more and more Homeowner associations and community management are looking at a solar lighting option. Budgetary concerns on installing new lighting system for mailboxes are often a priority for Homeowner associations and community management, considering that a solar light will be slightly more expensive that a regular grid-tie light, but the trenching to connect to the grid-power (about $30-$50 / foot) will make the solar-powered solution the best cost-efficient solution.

Most of the mailbox banks in communities are of two types, sheltered mailboxes, and non-sheltered one. Solar lighting requirements for such applications are not very high, and often a 4-10W LED lamp will provide an efficient lighting for users to properly use the mailboxes. Lighting the mailbox banks also provide a crime deterrent solution that can ease the safety concerns of the residents.

  • Solar lamp post, for lighting non-sheltered mailbox banks - Integra-5
  • Simulated mailbox lighting with Integra-5
Non-sheltered mailbox lighting with the Integra-5 solar lamp

This product equipped with a 4W LED lamp, mounted on a 10' decorative aluminum post, is an easy solution to go with when you have to light-up a small mailbox, that is non-sheltered and has a low height (below 8'). With a standard working mode 50% full brightness all night, and full brightness activated by a motion detector, this is the best cost-efficient solution for mailbox lighting. With this all-integrated solar-powered solution, you will only need to build a concrete foundation for the poles to be erected on, and simply install the solar lamp on top of the pole, without any trenching or wiring to be done on the light. This very flexible solution can easily be used for lighting other small areas, bus stops signs, information panels...

Simulated rendering with SPLBL mailbox lighting
Solar powered mailbox lighting with the SPLBL solution

This product is used for lighting sheltered mailbox banks, where having a 10' pole with the LED lamp will not light the inside of the shelter. With this lighting solution, a 10W linear LED lamp is mounted on the ceiling of the shelter at a minimum height of 8'-10’, and provide an efficient and homogeneous lighting distribution on an approximate area of 10'x10'.

The solar-powered generator is installed away from the mailbox bank (less than 30' away), or can be customized to fit on the roof of the shelter, depending on the roof material, and availability of the solar panel mounting brackets. Fully customizable in size and in power, this solar-powered solution is also able to light gazebos in parks, sheltered bus stops, and any other outdoor structures that need proper illumination at night.

Don't wait anymore to light-up your mailboxes ! and go Solar-powered !