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Increasing crosswalk safety in urban areas

By August 6, 2015 589 Views No comments

Increasing crosswalk safety in urban areas can easily be achieved by installing additional lighting on these important road-sections. Solar lighting option is an ideal solution as it will not require any trenching to the nearest grid point, avoiding expensive installation costs. Furthermore, installing a solar lighting solution saves on electric bills, and raise awareness on the potential of solar energy to high-school students.

Solar lights for a crosswalk in Bells Garden, CA

Bell Gardens high-school located in southern California, in the Los Angeles suburban area, decided to increase the safety of teachers and students crossing the street in front of the school. Solar lighting solution was decided with the help of the local GEXPRO representative to minimize the installation cost and provide a quick solution to the problem. One unit of solar light equipped with a 60W LED light (providing an equivalent light output as a 250W HPS street light) was installed right on the cross-walk section of the road. The light provided by this solar light reach above 2fc on a wide area.