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Indoor lighting using LED Highbay lights

By December 28, 2015 641 Views 1 comment

Indoor lighting of wide and high-ceiling areas, such as warehouses, commercials centers, that require high level of illumination can greatly benefit from the LED technology using High-bay LED lights. Ideally fit for installing in warehouses, storage buildings, airports, gymnasiums and other large indoor spaces with mounting heights between 20’-40’. The newest LED technology is gradually replacing the older HID technology providing significant energy-savings.

LED high-bay fixtures can provide significant savings on electricity cost but also on the maintenance of such lighting systems. It is very important to consider the LED fixture as a whole system, including the LEDs, the heat sink, and the LED driver when considering replacing an aging HID lighting system. In fact, the best solution when thinking about replacement of aging HID lights is to retrofit the entire fixture, and buy entirely new High-bay LED fixtures. The thermal management for HID and LED is entirely different as well as the electrical power supply.

Advantages of LED lights:

  • 70,000~100,000 hours rated lifetime
  • Immediate full lighting power (no warming time)
  • Low maintenance lights
  • Low energy consumption compared to HID
  • Exceeding government mandated efficiency standards
  • Controlled distribution of light for enhanced uniformity
  • Higher luminaire efficacy
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