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Mailbox lighting in Southern California

By October 30, 2015 2296 Views No comments

Often overlooked during initial planning phase by architects and residential developers, the lighting of mailboxes can prove to be a hassle to install afterwards. If the grid connection is not easily available, trenching and metering to connect a regular grid-tie light can be very costly (average trenching and metering cost in the US range between $30-$50 per foot).

Alternative solution are more and more seek by HOA, and community management agencies, that are being asked to provide lighting for mailboxes. In fact, mailboxes are usually set aside main areas, and sometimes users might feel unsafe if no lighting is provided around these mailboxes. Solar lighting products to be used for lighting mailboxes are more and more common on the market, as they offer a significantly cheaper alternate to grid-tie lights.

Solar-pwoered mailbox light in CA

For this particular project, a decorative solar light was installed just behind the mailbox bank to provide a minimum lighting for users during late or early hours of the day. This 15W LED light mounted on a decorative 14’ pole will provide light all along the night, all through the year.

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