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Mailbox lighting with a solar lighting option in Colorado

By October 29, 2015 265 Views No comments

Lighting mailbox banks is often overlooked by architects and designers for new residential areas, and results in having mailboxes slightly isolated from any grid-connection and without any lighting. In this situation growing numbers of HOA are turning to the solar lighting solution to provide security lighting for these mailboxes, but also providing lighting gives users more comfort when retrieving mail during early or late hours of the day.

For this particular project, one unit of solar powered light is used to provide efficient lighting for a large non-sheltered mailbox bank, that is isolated form any grid-connection. The 30W LED light is mounted on a 20’ pole (equivalent to a regular 150W HPS light) and is installed just behind the mail box bank. The lighting output of this single light provides lighting on an approximate surface of 20’x60’ with a 2fc just below the LED light.

Solar mailbox light in CO

Very efficient and long-lasting lighting solution for any mailbox bank! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about custom orders and to help you choose the best product for your mailbox.