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Palomar medical center - Solar light

By September 21, 2015 242 Views No comments

Newly constructed medical center in Escondido CA installed solar lighting system on their parking lot to increase safety for employee and visitors. Solar-powered lighting can be a significantly cost-efficient lighting solution when parking lots are already paved, and when the wiring has not been planned before construction. Adding lighting on parking lot is efficient way to increase safety and convenience for employees and visitors

For this particular parking lot, 10 units of solar powered LED lights were installed on the parking lot, covering approximately 200 stalls. 30W LED and dual head (2x30W LED) , equivalent to 150W HPS each are providing enough lighting for employees and visitors to the medical center to safely used the parking lots. All the lights are mounted on 20’ steel poles, each of them elevated on a 3’ concrete pedestal. All the lighting system installed abides by the Dark-sky compliance ordinance to provide the minimum possible lighting pollution.

solar parking lot lights in CA

Solar lighting option is often overlooked compared to regular grid-tied lights; especially in parking lot lighting, but in some cases the solar-powered solution will provide a much more cost-efficient solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with a map or drawing of your parking lot, we will provide you with our recommended solar lighting solution.