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Parking lot lighting at the charlotte-Douglas airport, NC

By August 31, 2015 168 Views No comments

The charlotte-Douglas international airport in NC recently installed 8 units of solar-powered LED lights on an over-flow parking lot for preliminary testing of the solar technology for lighting purposes. The 8 units have been installed for lighting approximately 200 stalls of the parking lot.

Each unit of solar lights has been specially customized to be able to power 2x60W LED lamp at night. Due to the poor solar conditions in winter in the vicinity of the airport 4 x 150W solar panels are necessary to provide enough energy every day to the 2x200Ah batteries to power the lamps at night.

Solar parking lot lights in NC

Solar lighting option is often overlooked compared to regular grid-tied lights; especially in parking lot lighting, but in some cases the solar-powered solution will provide a much more cost-efficient solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with a map or drawing of your parking lot, we will provide you with our recommended solar lighting solution.