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Parking lot lighting in NJ – Solar-powered solution

By September 7, 2015 216 Views No comments

Installation of parking lot lights on an already-paved area is not an easy task, and often the solar-powered solution is an excellent alternate to grid-tie lights. In facts, trenching and wiring a parking lot that has already been paved will cost much more than using a solar-powered lighting solution.

Parking lot lights with an average of 2fc on the overall parking lot was the main requirements from the customer for this specific project. Due to the fact that this parking lot was already paved, the natural Solar-powered solution was proposed to the customer in order to make the lighting project cost-efficient.

After defining the 2fc minimum lighting requirements, several lighting simulation were performed in order to provide the most cost-efficient solution for the customer. 4 units of solar-powered parking lot lights equipped with 60W LED lamps mounted on 26-foot high poles were then installed on the parking lot to provide efficient lighting for users at night.

Solar pwrking lot lights in NJ

Despite the low solar condition in the area during winter time, the solar lighting system was customized to provide enough power for the lights all through the year. 2 units of 150W Solar panels are used to gather the solar energy during the day, and 2 units of 150Ah batteries are storing that generated energy to light the parking lot at night.

Solar lighting option is often overlooked compared to regular grid-tied lights; especially in parking lot lighting, but in some cases the solar-powered solution will provide a much more cost-efficient solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with a map or drawing of your parking lot, we will provide you with our recommended solar lighting solution.