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ROI of solar lights - Palomar Medical Center - Escondido, CA

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Solar parking lot lights were installed during the month of August on one parking lot at the Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, CA. 10 units of solar parking lot lights, UL listed, and Dark-sky compliant lighting system were installed as a testing phase on approximately 60,000 square feet, covering around 180 stalls.

The choice of a solar lighting solution was preferred to a regular grid-tie solution based on the fact that the parking lot had already been paved, and trenching and metering to install grid-tie lights would have been prohibitive, hence the solar light solution, entirely off-grid solution. The return on investment is immediate compared to the cost that would have incurred the trenching and metering to connect grid-tie lights on this parking lot, and future savings are expected to be made on electric bills and maintenance.

Solar lights installation

Solar lights installation

Solar parking lot lights at night

Solar lights at night