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Securing your area with perimeter lighting

By October 21, 2015 719 Views No comments

Improving the security of the premises of your business is usually achieved by installing fences on the perimeter. High-fences are usually enough for deterring crime and trespassing, when this is not enough, further improvement can be achieved by using a lighting system. Installing a lighting system on a perimeter can be problematic, especially if the perimeter does not have a proper connection to the grid- electricity, thus requiring trenching and wiring all along the perimeter.

The solar-powered solution then becomes a serious alternative to consider for installing perimeter security lighting. Solar lights are an excellent solution as the lights are 100% off-grid and no wiring or trenching will be required to have the lights functional. Even if the unit cost of a solar-powered light will be higher than a regular grid-tie system, the savings made on the installation and wiring will be significant enough to make the solar lighting solution the most valuable solution for lighting long perimeters.

An improved lighting solution for perimeter with added function is using a motion-sensor solution that will provide an easily detected breach inside the perimeter. A simple increased brightness when a motion is detected will easily be spotted by any guards or persons making their round in the area.

Solar-powered security lighting solution can easily be installed on:

- Large outdoor warehousing facilities

- Military installation with wide areas

- Public installation in sensitive areas.

- Commercial and residential properties