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Sign lighting solution (solar-powered) NCSU, NC

By August 7, 2015 219 Views No comments

Sign lighting is an efficient way to increase visibility of your business or your city’s sign entrance at night. Because most of the signs are usually installed in remote location where the grid-electricity is not easily accessible, buying an off-grid solar light is a serious consideration to make.

For this project with the North-Carolina state university, the dairy farm department was looking for an easily installed off-grid solution for lighting the entrance sign of the far. The location of the sign being on the main road and far away from any grid-connection the solar lighting option became the most cost-efficient one.

Solar sign light in NC

A single unit of a solar sign light was installed on the main sign entrance of the dairy farm, providing enough lighting at night for vehicles travelling on the main road to easily identify the entrance. An 8W LED sign light powered by a solar panel and battery will now light-up the sign day and night for the next years.