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Solar light for the English gardens HOA in Spanaway, WA

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Many customers choosing to go solar for their lighting projects are usually facing the same major issue of being able to connect to the main grid power. Difficulties arise especially when the project is only to light-up a small area only requiring 1 or 2 lights, making the installation cost of grid-tie lights costly due to the trenching and wiring cost.

Installing a solar light instead of an on-grid lighting system is very cost efficient, and this solution was chosen by the English garden HOA in Spanaway, WA. A single unit of a Brighta solar light was installed on the front lawn of the association for increasing safety and visibility of the property. A 30W LED lamp mounted on a 20’ galvanized steel pole will provide an efficient lighting on approximately 4,000 square foot. The 30W LED lamp used for this project provides about 3,000 lumens, and the brightness below the lamp is around 2fc.

Solar light in Spanaway, WA

Despite the poor solar conditions in the state of Washington in the winter time, the solar light was configured with an increased battery capacity and higher wattage of the solar panel. The resulting system provides 6 days autonomy for the solar light, and will work perfectly during the winter time in Washington.