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Solar Power Street Lighting

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Street lights ensure the safety of all the civilians of the country by lighting up the streets and avenues after dark. The purpose of street lights is to help the pedestrians and drivers make out their way in the dark. Moreover they are also a part of beautification project of a neighborhood. An essential component of public service, street lights also help to add a sense of personal security to the civilians. In the commercial area of the city street lights are added for aesthetic reasons as all. They can also serve to highlight a particular building, monument or fountain. Accident prone and crime prone areas demand improved street lighting so that the perception of safety is enhanced.

The technological innovations of our times has paved the way for a new and improved kind of street lighting viz. solar power street lights. The solar street lighting is basically raised sources of outdoor lights powered by PV panels or photovoltaic panels. These PV panels are generally mounted atop the lighting structure or attached in the pole. The PV panels which come with a rechargeable battery serve to provide power to the LED lamp in course of the entire night. By making use of a light source these solar panels sense the outdoor light and turn on and off automatically. They are specially designed to burn the entire night though many stay on for more than a night if day time light is not sufficient. In the windy regions they come equipped with flat panels. The newest designs in solar power street lighting make use of fuzzy control theory for better battery management. The light making use of wireless technology and fuzzy control theory can also perform as a network with the individual lights capable of performing on or off the network.

The solar street lights come with 5 essential components:

The solar panel: This vital part is responsible for converting the solar energy into electricity.

Lighting fixture: LED lights are most commonly used in modern solar street lighting.

Rechargeable Batteries: The battery is responsible for storing the electricity from the PV panels and supply energy to the light fixtures during the night.

Controller: The controller’s function is to decide where to turn on/off the lighting and charging.

Pole: Strong poles are an extremely important component of street lights since the panels, fixtures and at times even the batteries are mounted atop the poles.

One of the major advantages of solar street lamps is that being independent of the utility grid they result in minimum operational expenses. This implies that the wireless lights lighting up your neighbourhood are not connected to your provider of electricity. Therefore you need not pay the power-company for lighting up your streets since your street light is powered by the sun. Moreover solar power lights require much less maintenance when compared to conventional ones. The solar lights don’t come with any external wires and therefore chances of accidents and overheating is much less. Solar lights are dependent on solar energy and therefore help to reduce your carbon footprints considerably. These environment friendly lights can easily be a very effective lighting solution in remote areas since the various parts of the system can be easily disassembled and carried.