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Solar Street lights in Siletz, OR

Solar Street lights in Siletz, OR
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Street lighting is usually an important expense for cities and government entities in the US, and is usually sub-contracted to electric power companies, that lease the entire street lighting system (the lease of the street light itself, the electricity to power the lights at night, as well as the maintenance of the lights).

In many cases new street lighting system are often added to existing contracts, when the number of new lights to be installed is low, but other options should be considered in certain cases, especially the solar-powered option for new streets that do not have sufficient access to the grid-power.

The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon has installed 14 units of solar-powered LED street lights on a local community road, where the access to the power-grid would have incurred a high installation cost. Despite the fact of poor solar condition during winter time, the proper sizing of the solar powered generator is perfectly feasible for this location.

LED solar lights for Street lighting application are entirely available on the market, and are entirely able to provide the required minimum lighting requirements as stated by the IESNA organization that gives lighting recommendation for most of indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

For this particular local road in Oregon, a recommended brightness of 0.4-1.1 fc and homogeneity of 4/1 was the goal to achieve using an LED solar lighting solution. A 60W LED light fixture mounted on a 26-foot-high pole with a spacing of about 100’ apart has been chosen to achieve this lighting standard on the road. The 60W LED fixture provides the equivalent lighting output as a 200W-250W High-pressure sodium lamp, that are mainly use for these type of roads in grid-tie application. To ensure the perfect functioning of the solar light during inclement weather an increased battery capacity ( batteries of 12VDC 150Ah) as well as a bigger solar panel (2 units of 150W solar panels) was chosen, providing as long as 6 days of autonomy to the system when the batteries are fully charged.

The 14 solar lights installed in this community will cover about 1,500 feet of local road, and provide security to night-time drivers, as well as to pedestrians using the sidewalks at night.