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YL LED bollard light 3W solar powered

By December 9, 2015 813 Views No comments

This multipurpose LED bollard light (solar-powered) offers an efficient and stylish way to light-up pathways, entrances, and other architectural settings. Using this light to increase the safety and beautify your property is made very easy using this solar-powered LED bollard. No needs to connect these bollards to the main grid electricity, these lights are easily installed in the ground at any location provided there is no shade, and good sun availability throughout the day. Equipped with a large battery capacity, and super bright LED, these bollards will provide enough light throughout the night on your pathways, entrance ways, decks, patios, and other small areas that will benefit for some security lighting at night

Decorative style YH 3W LED bollard light

By November 17, 2015 220 Views No comments

Bollard lights provide an element of safety for larger outdoor spaces and commercial areas. They're often (though not always) understated landscape lights that offer more illumination than smaller accent or path lights. Increasing the safety of your pathways, stairs, entranceways, can easily be achieved using LED bollard lights.

LED bollard for driveway lighting

By October 21, 2015 207 Views No comments

Lighting driveway in your residence, offices or parks area can be achieved using LED bollards. These LED bollards will nicely blend in any commercial area, and provide efficient lighting for security or marking pathways and driveways.

Solar powered LED bollard lights

By August 13, 2015 278 Views No comments

Reinvent LED is presenting its new range of Solar LED bollard lights for low voltage landscape lighting. Solar powered LED Bollard lights are easily installable accent lighting for any landscape setting and bring one more tool to the architect’s tool-box in their designs of energy-sustainable buildings.