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Wall and ramps lighting with Linear well lights

By December 4, 2015 735 Views No comments

Using linear LED well lights to improve to the lighting of bridges, ramps and other landscape settings during night time is a very efficient solution that is more and more used by landscape architects and designers. In many commercial areas these LED lighting solution are used to increase visibility, and security of pedestrian and users for pathways or general meetings areas. One of the most interesting features of these types of well lights is the very discrete and easy integration in the scenery; with their buried design very minimum disturbance will be done to the main architectural design of the space.

Transforming with Dynamic LED Well Lighting

By November 3, 2015 725 Views No comments

With LED well lighting you have one of the most transformative ways of efficiently and easily lighting tall grass, large shrubs, trees, sidewalks and pathway markings, among other architectural and landscaping applications. No matter what you want there are high quality top range LED fixtures to choose from with round, square and linear shape designs capable of placing over decks, pathways and sidewalks without trying too hard.

Different uses of LED Well Lights

By August 20, 2015 273 Views No comments

Landscape and architectural lighting is mostly using 12V DC LED lights, and Well lights are one of the numerous item architects have at their disposal to design parks, buildings, pathways, and landscape settings. Well Lights are mainly used as an accent lighting to define or mark landscape settings at night.