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YL LED bollard light 3W solar powered

By December 9, 2015 814 Views No comments

This multipurpose LED bollard light (solar-powered) offers an efficient and stylish way to light-up pathways, entrances, and other architectural settings. Using this light to increase the safety and beautify your property is made very easy using this solar-powered LED bollard. No needs to connect these bollards to the main grid electricity, these lights are easily installed in the ground at any location provided there is no shade, and good sun availability throughout the day. Equipped with a large battery capacity, and super bright LED, these bollards will provide enough light throughout the night on your pathways, entrance ways, decks, patios, and other small areas that will benefit for some security lighting at night

Solar Power Street Lighting

By December 3, 2015 310 Views No comments

Street lights ensure the safety of all the civilians of the country by lighting up the streets and avenues after dark. The purpose of street lights is to help the pedestrians and drivers make out their way in the dark. Moreover they are also a part of beautification project of a neighbourhood. An essential component of public service, street lights also help to add a sense of personal security to the civilians. In the commercial area of the city street lights are added for aesthetic reasons as all. They can also serve to highlight a particular building, monument or fountain. Accident prone and crime prone areas demand improved street lighting so that the perception of safety is enhanced.

Three Important Reasons To Invest In Solar Powered Street Lights

By December 1, 2015 645 Views No comments

Have you experienced a night that was pitch black? A night so dark that you couldn’t see mere inches in front of your face? That was pretty disorienting for anyone as you might imagine. For the elderly, nights like this can be the scariest nights of their lives without a little light to help them gain perspective. Light has always been our safety blanket, even as kids, we knew that when there was light, whether, from a night light or solar powered street lights, there was safety and comfort to be had.

Decorative style YH 3W LED bollard light

By November 17, 2015 220 Views No comments

Bollard lights provide an element of safety for larger outdoor spaces and commercial areas. They're often (though not always) understated landscape lights that offer more illumination than smaller accent or path lights. Increasing the safety of your pathways, stairs, entranceways, can easily be achieved using LED bollard lights.

Houston TX , solar-powered LED lights installed on a parking lot

By November 9, 2015 269 Views No comments

For local contractors and small businesses, installing new parking lot lighting on existing and already paved parking lot can be very costly and become a hassle if no grid-power is available in the vicinity of the parking lot. In addition to the limited availability of electricity, local code and regulation can reveal to be a hassle to comply with, and other solution must be explored.

Mailbox lighting in Southern California

By October 30, 2015 2461 Views No comments

Often overlooked during initial planning phase by architects and residential developers, the lighting of mailboxes can prove to be a hassle to install afterwards. If the grid connection is not easily available, trenching and metering to connect a regular grid-tie light can be very costly (average trenching and metering cost in the US range between $30-$50 per foot).

Mailbox lighting with a solar lighting option in Colorado

By October 29, 2015 258 Views No comments

Lighting mailbox bank is often overlooked by architects and designers for new residential areas, and results in having mailboxes slightly isolated from any grid-connection and without any lighting. In this situation growing numbers of HOA are turning to the solar lighting solution to provide security lighting for these mailboxes, but also providing lighting gives users more comfort when retrieving mail during early or late hours of the day.

Securing your area with perimeter lighting

By October 21, 2015 718 Views No comments

Improving the security of the premises of your business is usually achieved by installing fences on the perimeter. High-fences are usually enough for deterring crime and trespassing, when this is not enough, further improvement can be achieved by using a lighting system. Installing a lighting system on a perimeter can be problematic, especially if the perimeter does not have a proper connection to the grid- electricity, thus requiring trenching and wiring all along the perimeter.

How to Install Outdoor Solar Lights ?

By October 13, 2015 756 Views No comments

Installing solar lights sounds like a huge task that will require you to either call an electrician or have been born with engineering skills. This is because many people know very little about these lights and what seems foreign may easily assumed to be difficult.

Increased security on a parking lot in Lynnwood, CA

By October 2, 2015 224 Views No comments

Installing parking lot lighting can significantly improve security for customers and users. 2 solar-powered LED lights have recently been installed on a parking lot in Lynnwood, CA to improve security in the area. Each unit of solar light is equipped with a 60W LED lamp (equivalent to 250W HPS light), mounted on a 26’ pole providing an efficient lighting on a large area. The battery box is mounted high on the pole to avoid any risks of vandalism. The 2 lights are covering about 30 stalls of this specific parking lot.