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Solar Power Street Lighting

By December 3, 2015 267 Views No comments

Street lights ensure the safety of all the civilians of the country by lighting up the streets and avenues after dark. The purpose of street lights is to help the pedestrians and drivers make out their way in the dark. Moreover they are also a part of beautification project of a neighbourhood. An essential component of public service, street lights also help to add a sense of personal security to the civilians. In the commercial area of the city street lights are added for aesthetic reasons as all. They can also serve to highlight a particular building, monument or fountain. Accident prone and crime prone areas demand improved street lighting so that the perception of safety is enhanced.

Three Important Reasons To Invest In Solar Powered Street Lights

By December 1, 2015 581 Views No comments

Have you experienced a night that was pitch black? A night so dark that you couldn’t see mere inches in front of your face? That was pretty disorienting for anyone as you might imagine. For the elderly, nights like this can be the scariest nights of their lives without a little light to help them gain perspective. Light has always been our safety blanket, even as kids, we knew that when there was light, whether, from a night light or solar powered street lights, there was safety and comfort to be had.

City of Somerton goes Solar with solar street lights!

By September 17, 2015 189 Views No comments

The city of Somerton in AZ recently installed 10 units of solar-powered LED street lights on a main street of the city. The street lights system provides efficient lighting at night for the security of the streets.

Solar Street lights in Siletz, OR

By August 4, 2015 213 Views No comments

Street lighting is usually an important expense for cities and government entities in the US, and is usually sub-contracted to electric power companies, that lease the entire street lighting system (the lease of the street light itself, the electricity to power the lights at night, as well as the maintenance of the lights).