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Three Important Reasons To Invest In Solar Powered Street Lights

By December 1, 2015 665 Views No comments

Have you experienced a night that was pitch black? A night so dark that you couldn’t see mere inches in front of your face? That was pretty disorienting for anyone as you might imagine.

For the elderly, nights like this can be the scariest nights of their lives without a little light to help them gain perspective. Light has always been our safety blanket, even as kids, we knew that when there was light, whether, from a night light or solar powered street lights, there was safety and comfort to be had.

So, why is street lighting so important for the elderly, above any other age group? The reasons apply to any generation, from security, comfort, peace of mind, to even safety, reliable street lighting can be a lifesaver.

Peace Of Mind- When you hear something go bump in the night, your first reaction is often to scope out what made that sound. However, this becomes much more difficult for those with disabilities or those who need a little extra assistance getting around. Thankfully, if a window is located near a streetlight, the person in bed will be able to scope the room for the cause of the sound. While it may not give a whole house perspective, the person would be able to know that their room is secure.

For those walking outside, street lights allow you to see what is ahead. Night time can be scary for some, therefore, having a well-lit street can put the mind at rest, and allow them to enjoy a late night stroll.

Security- Unfortunately, we have all heard the harrowing tales of the elderly being attacked in the middle of the night. Thieves and those with ill intentions breaking into the homes of those who cannot fight back (as hard) as other homes on the same street. Sadly, the elderly become easy targets on dimly lit streets. With added lighting, thieves will likely bypass a home that has minimal shadows for them to sneak around in, they would not risk getting caught.

Perspective- Many of us take comfort in there being extra light through the home when we go to sleep. From unfounded fears to just being able to get up in the middle of the night without turning on a light, the reasons are varied. For the elderly, it can also help with them grasping time, their location, and identifying anyone that may have entered their room to assist them. Solar powered lights ensure that no matter what, the patients that rely on the streetlights to sleep through the night are there no matter what.

When it comes to providing for our grandparents, parents, or even neighbors, we want what it best for them. Often, when they find themselves in a new place, light is the single most comforting factor other than family. So, when that is taken into consideration, make sure that the light that is provided is a constant. No matter the weather, if the power goes out, or if power lines are cut. Opt for solar powered lights to give your family, or extended family, the peace of mind they need to get through their day when you can’t be there. It is easy on the budget, great for the environment, and everyone benefits from a well-lit street.