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Underwater LED lights - Some advices

By October 15, 2015 302 Views No comments

Architectural LED lighting has many useful product types to provide efficient lighting at night for landscape and other architectural settings. Specific products are designed for underwater lighting applications, with waterproof LED fixtures, and waterproof wire connection as well. Marine grade LED lights are also widely available for salty water environment.

Landscape lighting using underwater lights are widely used for lighting fountains, ponds, and other pools at night. RGB colors LED fixtures are also available for a colorful pattern on your fountain and other water arrangements.

Fountain lighting with LED underwater lights

Sculpture lighting with underwater LED lights

Because of the fact that the LED light is placed underwater, any LED fixture that will cost you around $1-$2 per Watt, will definitely fail you after a short time, and you should stay away from these products. It is very easy to understand that to have a product that can be fully immersed into water, high quality metallic parts should be used, as well as a fully proofed sealing method, and good heat dissipation in place, which is more costly than regular LED lights installed in regular outdoor environment.