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Wall and ramps lighting with Linear well lights

By December 4, 2015 707 Views No comments

Using linear LED well lights to improve to the lighting of bridges, ramps and other landscape settings during night time is a very efficient solution that is more and more used by landscape architects and designers. In many commercial areas these LED lighting solution are used to increase visibility, and security of pedestrian and users for pathways or general meetings areas. One of the most interesting features of these types of well lights is the very discrete and easy integration in the scenery; with their buried design very minimum disturbance will be done to the main architectural design of the space.

Using linear LED well lights buried at the base of a ramp or a wall can greatly improve the visual rendering of any landscape area, and this can be done suing very low wattage of LED lights for minimum electric bills. Using 10 units of 8W LED lights you can light up to a 100’-long wall that is 6’ high. Connecting all the LED well lights in series, you will achieved a great rendering of your wall at night.

LED linear well lights are the ideal solution for high-visibility areas as the direct burial of these lights will make the installation of the lights very discrete. The linear shape of the lights will also make it cost-efficient for lighting linear vertical surfaces in order to maximize the cost efficiency of the lighting solution. The LED well lights will provide a greatly increased security for your walls, as well as an improved visibility at night.