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Wall washing and Wall grazing techniques with LED lights

Wall washing and Wall grazing techniques with LED lights
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Wall grazing and Wall washing are two lighting methods used by architects and designers to enhance visual rendering of vertical surfaces. These two techniques are commonly used in outdoor and indoor locations.

Wall Grazing is a method used to attract the attention of people, the goal is to enhance the existing texture of the surface. The LED wall washer lights are usually mounted on a ceiling or at the base of the surface to be lit, at a very narrow angle. This narrow angle of the LED light to the surface will significantly enhance the shaded area and create a higher contrast on the surface. Below are some pictures of outdoor wall grazing achieved using an LED lighting solution.

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How to light a wall with Wall Washer lights

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LED wall washer lights

Wall washing is used to attract the eye to a focal point by increasing lighting on a specific point. wall washing will flattened imperfection and provide a focus point for the eye, this technique is often used in indoor lighting, in museums, paintings galleries... The wall washer light is typically mounted on 8-9' ceiling at a moderate angle of 30-35 degrees and focused on the medium area of the wall.