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Wall washing technique explained!

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Wall washing illuminates a vertical surface such as walls with uniform brightness. Wall washing draws attention to the walls, and can be used to accentuate an entrances, outdoor walls, artwork in museums or painting in your home. The light reflected from surface walls can make a room appear bright and will provide a soft, diffuse light in the room. The main effect of wall washer installed and focused on a wall is the flattened and hidden defects on the walls that are greatly diminished by using this lighting technique.

Paint walls white or light color for greatest efficiency. Wall washer lights can make spaces such as hallways or narrow rooms appear spacious. Wall washing is achieved by placing LED lights, generally on the ceiling but also on the floor at regular intervals. The spacing between the LED lights and the wall determines the brightness of the surface. The spacing can be calculated so that the wall is evenly illuminated. If wall washing is used for ambient light in a room, provide additional lighting for special purposes where needed, or locate tasks that need high illumination, such as reading, near the walls. Mount the fixtures close enough to the wall so that people seated nearby will not receive direct glare.

Wall washing is produced by mounting lights on the ceiling in such a way as the light beam falls on the wall at a wide angle. By installing ceiling lights 2.5 to 3 feet away from the wall, 8 to 9 feet of vertical wall space can be washed. This type of lighting makes sense in places like art galleries where the point is to focus only on the art hung on a blank and perfect wall.

Several products are available on the market, and amongst them the most widely used are the Wall washer lights, for their linear shape. Used indoor or outdoor, wall washer lights can be used to achieve a wall washing rendering or wall grazing. We recommend using low-wattage LED lights as the wall washer lights are usually used to provide a soft and warm visual effect.

Typically, you can use the same fixtures for wall grazing as for wall washing; however, linear wall washer lights are highly recommended for outdoor lighting.