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What to Do When Parking Lot Wiring Is Too Old ? Go Solar !

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Lights are an essential part of everyday life and everyone has learn to live with them constantly. This is true even for the outdoors since it is fraught with all kinds of dangers. That is why outdoor lights are increasing in number and even in parking lots.

Parking lot lighting has for a long time been serviced by the main power grid and this means that there will be a lot of wiring during installation for it to work properly. These lights are usually installed to last long but at some point due to the nature of the materials they are made of, the wires begin to wear out and this may cause electric shock.

Parking lot lighting in CA

Solar lights on a parking lot of the Palomar medical center in Escondido, CA

A lot of work

At that point they will definitely have to be replaced. The work that replacement involves is quite tedious because trenches will have to be dug up for the wires to be unearthed and then the new cables laid down. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was no wiring at all? That way there would be nothing to replace. This is possible with solar parking lot lighting.

They come with very few movable parts and no wires at all and all you need to do is drive them into the ground and they are ready to begin lighting up the parking lot. Where the lights are very high you may need to reinforce the bottom with some concrete so as to make sure they are standing firm and cannot be swayed by strong winds.

Added benefits

Solar outdoor lighting works just like regular lights but the only difference is that their power source is the sun. It makes for quite an investment because the money spent on installation is approximately 25 percent of what you would normally use to install grid lights. The savings experienced there are quite huge and the workload is also much less.

The benefits of solar powered lights do not end at installation. Once they are installed they run completely on the sun’s radiation. This means that there will be no power bills to look forward to or worry about at the end of the month. Those are additional savings which can be channeled into other ventures.

As these solar powered lights continue running they are a method of environmental preservation. They use a naturally available resource and there are no emissions meaning that the energy produced is clean and safe for the environment. Remember that the sun’s energy is infinite so chances of blackouts are almost none. The only time the lights can go dark is if there is something wrong with them and this is also difficult to encounter because they are usually built to withstand harsh outside conditions and last between 10 and 25 years.

They also have the benefit of a variety of colors which is great because outdoor lighting affects wildlife and choosing the right color will ensure that humans and wildlife coexist peacefully. These lights can be dimmed as well whenever they are not in use or traffic is minimal which leads to energy savings.