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Why Lighting your advertisement signs should be a priority ?

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Once you have decided that you want to light-up your signs, you have to be aware that some cities restrict the wattage allowed for sign lighting, and contact the appropriate city’s department, or contact a specialized local contractor that should be aware of such regulation. Most of the wattage limitation is based on HID or HPS lighting system, and if you are trying to get the brightest sign as possible you should use an LED solution, as you will get more light output with an LED with the same wattage as you would with a regular light.

If you are looking at lighting one of the most common size for sign light (3’x10′) with an LED solution, I would recommend to use 2 single units of an 8W flood light for the whole one-sided sign. Following are some picture of 2 city’s sign in Colorado where the previously configuration was used. The observed signs are perfectly illuminated and no additional lights are required. The city’s sign can be observed from a distance of 500′ and are not overly bright.

Oct 16, 2015 9:48:16 AM

Furthermore, these 2 signs are actually solar-powered sign lights, entirely off-grid, easily installed, and do not require connection to the grid power.